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How to Create Discord Server Rules & Policies [Ultimate Guide]

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You might consider adding rules to your Discord server if you are the server’s administrator. The rules of your Discord server serve as the foundation for its culture. It can, however, be difficult to come up with rules, let alone good ones, to follow. If you introduce excessive regulations, people may decide to leave your server. Adding regulations that are too simple, on the other hand, increases the likelihood of individuals breaking them. Coming up with creative solutions

Discord Server Rules Necessitate The Use Of a Couple Of Different Tools.

Discord server rules necessitate the use of a couple of different tools.

  1. First and foremost, you must determine the specialty of your server. For example, when running a gaming server, you can implement a rule that prevents players from purchasing, selling, or exchanging accounts. Your server will not be used for any transactions due to this.
  2. Second, you must be familiar with the demographics of your members (e.g., age, interests, language).

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Reasons For Rules On Discord Servers

Reasons For Rules On Discord Servers

There are several reasons why rules are important in your Discord server. Based on your server’s rules, your members will know what they can and can’t do. As a result, they are less likely to be shocked if prohibited. Second, enforcing the rules will help your server run more smoothly.

What Is The Procedure For Creating a Rules Channel In Discord?

Procedure For Creating a Rules Channel In Discord

A rules channel in Discord is created by creating a new text channel with the term “Rules” in the channel name field.

Then, by selecting “Advanced permissions,” you can restrict access to the channel to just those who have permission to read it.

Under “Advanced permissions,” remove the “Send Messages” permission from the list of options.

Following the deletion of the “Send Messages” permission, the channel will be restricted to you sending messages only.

As a result, you can copy and paste a set of rules into a chat conversation.

If you want to learn more about adding rules to your Discord server, you may visit this page: https://www.followchain.org/discord-server-rules/index.html.

Making People Read The Rules In a Discordant Environment

Making People Read The Rules In a Discordant Environment

Discord’s community function must be enabled to make people read the rules. Create “Membership Screening” and set server rules afterward.

Once they’ve agreed to the rules, new users will be able to communicate with each other on your server. Otherwise, they won’t interact with other users on your server or communicate with you.

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Rules That Can Make a Difference

Rules That Can Make a Difference

This page offers a carefully curated set of useful, basic, and aesthetically pleasing Discord server rules ideas that you can copy and paste into your own server rules document.

  1. When using Discord, how do you compel individuals to read the rules?
  2. You must enable the community function on your Discord server to require users to read the rules.
  3. After that, you must configure “Membership Screening” and add server rules to your system.
  4. Before new members can send messages on your server, they must first agree to the regulations that the server administrator has set down.
  5. They will be unable to communicate with, react to, or message other members of your server unless they do so.
  6. Topics such as religion and politics are not permitted. ‘Confrontational’
  7. No content might be considered offensive or dangerous.
  8. Always treat others with respect and civility.
  9. Real money trades should not be discussed, requested, conducted, or advertised.
  10. Appropriate names and avatars are required on Discord.
  11. There will be no racial slurs or trolling.
  12. As a general rule, toxicity is not permitted.
  13. Please mute yourself or switch to a different channel if many people listen to music in the background without any discussion.
  14. Make use of the proper avenues.
  15. There should be no major spoilers for any anime, film, television show, or video game on any public channel.
  16. Please don’t play moderator from behind the scenes.
  17. Bullying and harassment will not be allowed.
  18. Spoiler tags and labeling are required for all spoilers.
  19. Under no circumstances are additional accounts permitted.
  20. Hate speech and discriminatory statements are strictly prohibited.
  21. Any links or materials that could potentially hurt others should be avoided at all costs.
  22. Aside from English, the server’s major language is German.
  23. Do not DDoS other users or threaten to do so.
  24. Avoid off-topic discussions and be sure to use the appropriate channels.
  25. Members of the community have the freedom to express themselves and offer suggestions and criticism nonjudgmentally.
  26. Discussing hacking or cheating is not permitted.
  27. Discord servers, other programs, websites, or services cannot be advertised.
  28. Disallowed equipment includes the use of voice changers and soundboards.
  29. It is against the law to divulge another person’s private information.
  30. Only use English to communicate.
  31. Do not ping more than four persons at a time or arbitrarily ping members in an attempt to mass-mention them.
  32. Don’t put up anything dangerous (e.g., malicious websites, pirated software, etc.).
  33. Make sure you don’t turn the server into a dating service.
  34. Medically triggering, strobe-effect, or flashing media should not be sent.
  35. Do not discuss members who have been banned.
  36. Aside from common words and phrases, all content and communications on this site must be in English.
  37. Account sharing, account trading, and account begging are all prohibited.
  38. Scam websites should not be linked to.
  39. Never use your microphone to make any kind of sound.
  40. Only watch PG stuff.
  41. Don’t be toxic or harsh, even if it’s unprovoked, such as trashing people’s postings.
  42. Don’t bring up inappropriate or adult topics of conversation.
  43. Discrimination of any kind is not permitted.
  44. No merchandise may be offered for sale in this area.
  45. Do not try to go around any words that are prohibited.
  46. Sound effects that are obnoxious, overbearing, or otherwise unsuitable are not permitted.
  47. Catfishing and the use of a false identity are strictly prohibited in the United States.
  48. Do not overstuff the chat window with messages that take up more than seven lines.
  49. Don’t divulge any of your private details.
  50. The only thing you should do is not buy, trade, or give anything away.
  51. If you distribute unlicensed material without permission, you are breaking the law.
  52. A permanent ban will be imposed if any harmful material is found.
  53. Raids are not permitted.
  54. Excessive use of Discord Stickers should be avoided.
  55. Because of this, we ask that you treat others with respect and adhere to these values when interacting with them on this channel.
  56. Links or codes to join a Discord server have been removed.
  57. Discord is only available to people who are at least 13 years old.
  58. Keep your emotes and messages to a minimum.
  59. Always heed the advice of the personnel.
  60. Do not use music bots to play the same song repeatedly.
  61. Impersonating others, whether public figures or not, is strictly prohibited.
  62. XP
  63. Disallowance of ‘grinding.’
  64. Please refrain from abusing or spamming the channels.
  65. A permanent ban will be issued if you organize a raid against us or another server.
  66. Discord server should not be sent on the server or via DMs.
  67. Don’t ping unless you have a good reason to.
  68. Content promotion should be kept to a minimum.
  69. Uninvited messages will be deleted.
  70. No piracy links or information should be requested or disclosed in any way.
  71. If you’re going to share a link, at least include some context (unless the nature of the link is obvious).
  72. It’s against the rules to use obscene or obscenely offensive images, names, statuses, or identities.
  73. Sending something that’s been copied and pasted is not acceptable.
  74. Keep an ear out for the server’s crew.
  75. Please refrain from nicknaming yourself “everyone.”
  76. Participating in server raids is strictly prohibited.
  77. Role-playing on the server is strictly prohibited.
  78. It is a crime to incite someone to break the law.
  79. It doesn’t matter your age. Treat others as you would like to be treated.
  80. All efforts to target certain groups of people are banned.
  81. Be courteous, polite, and friendly.
  82. Avoid posting any files or links that may cause Discord to crash.
  83. We welcome conversations based on these concepts because we value everyone’s right to free speech and our mutual respect for one another’s viewpoints and experiences.
  84. There should be a standard of quality in the messages that community members post.
  85. Avoid recording phone calls.
  86. Don’t join the server to advertise your material.
  87. Avoid using more than five emojis in a single communication.
  88. Send no more than two strobes or flashing emotes at a time.
  89. Inappropriate Direct Messages, doxxing, and other forms of harassment will result in an immediate and permanent ban.
  90. In any type of spamming, it is forbidden.
  91. Plagiarism and art theft are both prohibited.
  92. Avoid being a bully or joining in on someone else’s bullying behavior.
  93. You should have a good time.
  94. Advertisements placed without permission will not be taken into consideration.
  95. Please read and adhere to the Discord rules of conduct.
  96. Don’t regard message channels as a stream of conversation, and don’t be rude.
  97. Neither developers nor moderators will suspect your impersonation.
  98. Please refrain from using the microphone to record yourself.
  99. NSFW material is not permitted in any capacity.
  100. At any time, these rules may be changed. It is up to the moderators’ decision to issue warnings or impose bans on members.
  101. It is against the law to participate in message chains.
  102. Please refrain from randomly pinging members of the team.
  103. Avoid any type of harassment or bullying toward another member.
  104. Creating observers to relocate our members for our profit is not permitted.
  105. Sending a link to an online meeting is not acceptable.
  106. Treat others with consideration and courtesy.
  107. Precautions should be used when bringing up contentious or sensitive issues in a discussion.
  108. There is no place in society for hate speech of any sort.
  109. No one should be threatened.
  110. Copyrighted media cannot be legally streamed.
  111. Discord’s built-in formatting can be used to identify spoilers correctly, making it clear what subject matter is being discussed.

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