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How To Access Deleted Tweets From Your Twitter Account

How to Access Deleted Tweets from Your Twitter Account

Sharing Through Tweets

Over one billion tweets are sent daily by people who simply want to share their thoughts with the rest of the world. 

People are gregarious and outspoken by nature, so sharing our opinions with others is a no-brainer for us all.

However, due to the nature of the Twitter platform, we are sometimes compelled to post tweets that we later wish to delete.

If you’re looking for deleted tweets from a specific Twitter account for any other reason, we’re here to assist you.

What you’ll learn in this comprehensive guide:

  • How to access deleted tweets on Twitter
  • How to recover deleted tweets from a Twitter account;
  • How to download a copy of a deleted tweet that you’ve made.

Is There a Good Reason To Search For Deleted Tweets?

You may be wondering, “Why would someone want to see deleted tweets?”.

Deleted tweets must be erased after all.

There are times when this isn’t the greatest option.

Someone may have deleted important information from old tweets only to reduce their tweet count.

In some cases, having many tweets from a single account can be detrimental.

The problem is that deleting your old tweets can happen to anyone and is quite normal. There may be thousands of such tweets.

If you doubt our claims, just look at Donald Trump’s deleted tweets, and you’ll see what we mean.

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1. You Have To Recover Vital Data.

You Have to Recover Vital Data.

You may have included essential information in previous tweets but then deleted it.

The fact that we all delete tweets is perfectly acceptable.

Don’t panic if this happens to your Twitter account; there are still ways to find deleted tweets that we’ll show you.

2. To Make a Point You’ll Need a Deleted Tweet.

To Make a Point, You'll Need a Deleted Tweet.

To make a point, you can use a user’s deleted tweets to locate them.

However, even though deleted tweets cannot be retrieved on Twitter, there are still ways to establish your point even if you don’t have any saved tweets.

3. Solely Personal Reasons

Solely personal reasons

Twitter has no boundaries.

Irrespective of your motivation, if you are determined to recover deleted tweets for whatever reason, we should go ahead and do it now.

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How to Recover a Deleted Tweet in 3 Simple Steps?

Images, videos, and plain text can all be included in tweets.

To find deleted tweets, you don’t need to know what they said, but knowing what they said is an excellent place to start.

Even so, if you’re stumped as to where to begin your search for a deleted tweet, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

1. Using an Internet Archive Platform Like the Wayback Machine Is The First Step.

Using an Internet Archive Platform like the Wayback Machine is the first step.

When it comes to an Internet time machine, the Wayback Machine is the closest thing.

You can go back in time and observe a person’s tweets from the beginning, which is quite helpful in achieving our objectives.

This link will take you to the website.

Search for “Twitter” in the search bar to find tweets that have been deleted from this tool.

“Browse History” on the person’s account will allow you to find the tweet you’re looking for

This tweet was removed, so you need to locate the page where it was posted.

A trending hashtag probably identified this person’s tweet.

You may have to wait a while, but you will be rewarded in the end. Even if Twitter is down, you can still use this strategy because you’re using an external database.

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2. Method Number Two: Use Google Cache

Use Google Cache

If you’re looking for someone’s deleted tweets that were just removed from the platform, a simple Google search can help.

Search for “Twitter + the name of the account” in the google search box. Then, under Google, choose “Cached” to retrieve an earlier cached version.

If you know the exact or comparable text of the deleted tweets, finding them using Google will be much easier.

3. Use Third-Party Apps As a Third Option.

Use Third-Party Apps

Automated Tweet-posting programs, anonymous Twitter administration tools, and even apps to view deleted tweets can all be found in third-party app stores.

Several programs can accomplish this, including SnapBird, no longer supported.

However, there’s a drawback to using these apps and the ways described above: your account security may be jeopardized.

As a result, these approaches should only be used as a last resort.

There you have it, folks! You’d think it wouldn’t be that difficult to recover deleted tweets.

Check out our other social media articles for more information.

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Your Twitter Archive Is a Great Place To Find Old Tweets.

Twitter Archive is a great place to find old tweets.

What if you want to find tweets you deleted a while back?

Fortunately, you don’t have to wait long to access all of your old Twitter posts. The government of the United States has mandated that the Twitter archive data be retained to comply with privacy standards.

To access the “Twitter archive,” all users must simply request data from the site.

Ask for a copy of your Twitter history.

To get access to your Twitter data, you must first enter your password and then proceed as follows:

  • The “Request archive” option may be found in Twitter’s Settings and Privacy section.
  • This strategy works because Twitter preserves only the most relevant tweets in a Twitter archive file. This approach has been used to archive millions of tweets.
  • As soon as the request has been completed, you’ll be notified through email. The “Tweet Archive” zip file will begin downloading when you open it.

You don’t require a Twitter archive reader to open the CSV file you’ll get after choosing “Download Archive,” so don’t be alarmed when you have to unzip it to get it.

As a result of this new feature, you will see tweets that were previously hidden from public access.

Twitter’s backlog is a blessing in disguise.

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