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How To Unlock Your Facebook Account If It Was Locked

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Have you been informed that your Facebook account has been restricted?

Any time this happens, you’ll see an error notice that says something like, “Your account has been temporarily locked due to suspicious behavior.”

The supplementary text that appears beneath the primary notification may provide additional information about why your Facebook account was suspended.

Why does Facebook lock your account? And how can you unlock it? That’s what we’ll cover here.

Why Is My Facebook Account Locked?

 my Facebook account locked

Facebook has temporarily disabled access to your account until it can confirm that you are the legitimate owner.

This is one of a few procedures to verify that you are human and a genuine Facebook user.

A proactive approach to platform security is essential for Facebook, with its zettabytes of data and billions of users, which is why it monitors millions of Facebook profiles regularly and implements security checks on a select number of them.

Your account may be temporarily locked for one or more of the following reasons:

If you log in from a new computer or device, you run the risk of falling victim to a phishing attempt, spam, or other violations of the Community Standards or the Terms of Service (ToS).

1. Use a new location or a new device to log in.

“We’ve locked your account because someone recently attempted to log in from an unexpected location, is a common error message for this type of lock.

Monitoring the IP address and device from which a login is made is one of Facebook’s primary security procedures.

If a user attempts an unusual login, Facebook is likely to block them and decide whether or not to lock their account and its associated services.

It’s not uncommon for this to happen if you recently changed your phone, if you’re trying to log into your account from someone else’s device, or if you’re on vacation.

The login attempt of anyone not permitted from the device or IP you specify will be blocked as a result.

2. This is due to phishing.

Your account was likely compromised since you entered your password on a website made to appear like Facebook when you get the following error message:

There is a significant risk to your account’s security from phishing assaults.

They are designed to fool you into divulging your passwords or other sensitive information.

3. On Facebook, spamming is commonplace.

Fake accounts, using a fake name, impersonating a person, sending too many messages or friend requests, employing bots and automated software to spam, and promoting any other behavior that violates Facebook’s terms and community standards are some examples of spam. 

4. Using third-party apps without permission

Some third-party apps may be able to access your account and view or even update your account data without your permission.

5. Too many codes for authentication or recovery are being requested

The account may be locked if several unsuccessful attempts are made within a short period, demanding authentication or recovery codes.

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Unlocking Your Facebook Account Is a Simple Process.

Unlocking Your Facebook Account Is a Simple Process

The process for deleting a Facebook account is the same for everyone, although the specifics vary depending on the situation.

1. The “Report a Login Issue” form should be used.

Facebook’s “Report a login issue” form is the best place to begin when your account is locked.

If you have a problem, describe it in detail, explain what you’ve tried, and include an email address where you can be contacted.

A screenshot of the error message you’re getting can also be helpful to Facebook’s investigation.

You should expect a response from Facebook within five to ten business days after submitting the form.

2. Use the “Security checks stopping login” form instead.

If you’re unable to log in because of security checks, such as not obtaining an unlock code, fill out the “security checks obstructing login” form.

Providing an email address and describing the issue you’re having is the same as they were for the previous form.

Remember to note in this form if you are not receiving a security code for your concern to be handled.

3. Using Facebook to verify your identity

The “Confirm your identity with Facebook” form is another important tool.

You will pass the verification process and prove that you are the account holder by filling out this form.

Passport or driver’s license photos are required, as well as an email or phone number that you use to log in.

Despite Facebook’s assertion that your ID can be saved for up to a year, you can only adjust this in your Identity Confirmation Settings to 30 days.

Wait for Facebook to return to you when you submit the form with your ID attached.

How To Keep Your Facebook Account From Being Locked

Keep Your Facebook Account From Being Locked

As the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure.” Here are a few techniques for avoiding temporary lockouts and other security checks:

1. Ensure that your e-mail address, phone number, and personal details are correct.

Using your email, phone number, and genuine name, you prove to Facebook that you are not trying to impersonate someone else.

Other details about yourself, such as where you reside and what school or college you attended, can also be included.

2. Make your passwords as strong as possible.

There will be fewer attempts to guess your password if you choose more secure passwords.

The more time it takes to crack, the stronger it becomes.

3. Sound like a grown-up 

Your Facebook account is less trustworthy in the eyes of Facebook if you created it lately.

This is because spammers frequently spam other users using freshly created false accounts.

A new account is more likely to be locked than an account with a lengthy activity history and many friends.

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We can’t imagine our lives without Facebook.

There’s no doubting the value of social media, whether it’s for connecting with others, exchanging data, conducting business, or simply trading photos and videos with close friends.

Like other social media companies, Facebook has safeguards in place, and an account will be locked if it appears to be doing something unusual.

A frustrating experience is being unable to access Facebook.

Particularly if you use Facebook for business promotion or administer a Facebook Page, it may be downright frightening.

We hope you found this tutorial to help resolve your Facebook account lockout issue.

Contacting Facebook’s support team directly is a great idea if you still have issues.

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