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How To Poke On Facebook

how to poke on facebook

The following article will answer any questions you may have about whether or not poking is still a thing on Facebook.

Poking was a very popular feature in the early days of Facebook when it was first introduced.

Normally, people would use it to nudge their friends or family members gently.

For example, if someone has not been active on Facebook in a long time, you can send them a polite reminder to check in.

After poking the user, they will receive an email and a notification on Facebook.

Using the Facebook mobile app, you’ll learn how to poke someone on the social networking site.

Poking and prodding will also be covered, as will the question of whether it is deemed flirting.

What Exactly Is Facebook Poking?

Poking is a unique function on Facebook that allows you to send a “poke” notification to someone who has not responded to your message.

If you haven’t spoken to someone in a long time, you can use Facebook to initiate contact as an icebreaker.

Using pokes on Facebook can be done in a variety of different ways.

You can use it to send a greeting to a friend or family member.

Another option is to poke someone to see if they will respond by poking you back.

You can poke them again if they do, and the poking can go on indefinitely until they are tired of it.

However, you will only be able to send another poke if the other person first pokes you.

To avoid receiving more than one poke from a single person, you can either ignore their poke or stop them from sending you any further pokes.

Poking Someone on Facebook Is a Simple Process.

Poking Someone on Facebook Is a Simple Process

To poke someone on Facebook, use the search function to look for the word “Poke.”

Navigate to the “Pokes” shortcut and press “Poke” to poke someone in the ribs.

Poking someone will result in them receiving a notification that you’ve poked them in the face.

The individual will be notified via email and through their Facebook notifications settings.

The poke feature is still available in the current version of the game.

However, you will have to seek the option on Facebook because it is hidden within the platform.

The pokes page will display a list of all of your Facebook friends who have poked you after you’ve reached that page.

You’ll also be able to see a list of pokes that have been recommended to you.

The following are the three stages to poke someone on Facebook:

1. Select the search icon from the drop-down menu.

  • Open the Facebook app and then touch on the search icon in the top navigation bar to search for something.
  • The first step is to launch the Facebook mobile application on your mobile device or tablet.
  • You may also do this on a desktop computer by going to your pokes page on the Facebook website.
  • However, the screenshots in this article were taken on a mobile device, so the user interface will be different for you than it is for me.
  • You can navigate to any page on Facebook after the app has been launched.
  • After that, you’ll notice a search icon in the top menu bar of your browser.
  • To locate the pokes page, you must search for it.
  • This is because the pokes page is hidden from the Facebook menu.
  • To access the search function on Facebook, select the search symbol from the toolbar.
  • You can use the search engine to look for individual posts individuals, shortcuts, and other information.
  • The poke function is listed in the “Facebook shortcuts” category, so you can look for it using the search tool on Facebook.
  • Continue to the next step to learn how to navigate the poke function on your computer’s keyboard.

2. Type “Poke” into the search bar and select “Pokes.”

  • Pokes can be found under “Facebook shortcuts” by searching for “Poke” and tapping on it.
  • The search option will become available after touching on the search icon.
  • You’ll see a list of your most recent searches just below the search bar.
  • Pokes can be found by typing “Pokes” into the search field.
  • Then, tap on “search” to look for the poke function on your device.
  • You’ll notice a header that says “Facebook shortcuts” once you’ve searched for “Pokes.”
  • You’ll find a shortcut called “Pokes” in the “Facebook shortcuts” section of the page.
  • Using the “Pokes” keyboard shortcut is exactly what you want to be doing.
  • Select “Pokes” from the drop-down menu to access the poke function.
  • Continue to the final step to learn how to poke your Facebook friends with a message.

3. To poke someone, press the “Poke” button.

  • Poking someone on Facebook is a simple process.
  • To poke someone, search for the friend(s) you want to poke and tap on the “Poke” button next to their name when they appear in the search results.
  • Following your selection of the “Pokes” feature, you will be directed to the pokes page.
  • Under “Pokes,” you’ll see a list of friends who have poked you on Facebook, which you can access from the pokes page.
  • A list of your friends will appear under “Suggested Pokes,” and you’ll be able to poke them if you choose.
  • Facebook recommends these buddies based on an algorithm.
  • To poke someone, simply tap on the “Poke” button that appears next to their name on the contact list.
  • They will receive a poke notification by email and through the Facebook app once you have poked them in the eye.
  • Then, your friend can select whether or not to respond to the poke by poking you in the same spot.
  • If they choose to poke you back, you have the option to poke them once more.
  • If your friend chooses to ignore your poke, you will not be able to poke them again until they do so themselves.
  • You can respond to any of your pals who have poked you by clicking on the “Pokes” header.
  • You can do so by pressing the “Poke Back” button on your keyboard.
  • The “Poke Back” button works similarly to the “Poke” button in that it sends a notification to your friend that you’ve poked them back.

Is Poking Fun At Someone On Facebook Considered Flirting?

poking fun at someone on Facebook considered flirting

Poking fun at someone on Facebook does not always imply flirting.

It can be employed in various situations, whether as a simple welcome, icebreaker, or kindly nudge.

For example, if someone has not logged in to Facebook in a long time, you can send them a poke to entice them to return to the app again.

If you want to say hello to someone without being obtrusive, you can poke them.

It all boils down to what the poke was intended to accomplish.


Poking fun at people on Facebook has earned a terrible reputation over the years. Some people find the function unsettling since they fear that they will be probed by others with whom they are unfamiliar. Others believe that the feature is redundant because it is simply poking each other back and forth. The act of poking someone might be perplexing since you may not know what the other person is thinking when they poke you.

Was it a simple greeting or something more substantial?

Ultimately, the receiver’s deduction must be taken into consideration.


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