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How To Delete Your Telegram Account

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Delete your Telegram account for good if you’re one of the millions of users who use the private chat software, Telegram.

Telegram’s ability to maintain user privacy arose almost immediately after its launch in 2013. Messages sent between you and the recipient are not encrypted by default. Unless you select the Secret Chat function, your discussions will be stored on Telegram’s servers, located worldwide.

According to Telegram, your conversation data is encrypted on their servers, so if you ever need to restore old talks, they’ve got you covered. To wit: why aren’t end-to-end encryption and opt-in data storage the defaults for most cloud services? For a non-profit, the cost of data storage is prohibitive, so why do they do it?

In addition, Telegram has had several security difficulties in the past. In 2017, hackers could remotely manipulate cryptocurrency miners and malware on susceptible Windows machines by exploiting a Unicode issue in the Telegram software.

MTProto, The Telegram Protocol

MTProto, a home-grown cryptographic protocol used by Telegram, is still a source of concern for many specialists in the field of encryption. Despite Telegram’s insistence that its encryption software is secure, independent experts have demonstrated that existing protocols are just as effective.

Telegram’s reputation has been tarnished by using a high-encryption indigenous system. In the past, terrorists have used it to plan attacks and disseminate propaganda and other disturbing activities.

Many nations have banned or closely monitored the app, and it was momentarily deleted from the app store in early 2018 when indecent content was found to be shared on it.

This post will show you how to completely deactivate Telegram if you’re concerned about the messaging app’s strange encryption protocols and regulations.

Every click, every share, and download can and is recorded, kept, and sold by app creators, internet service providers, and telecom providers. Only a VPN, such as ExpressVPN can shield you from prying eyes and keep your personal information safe from being harvested and sold.

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How To Delete Your Telegram Account In a Step-By-Step Guide

It is possible to delete your Telegram account in several methods. You should be aware that deleting your account is irreversible. No matter how many times you re-download Telegram, everything you’ve saved there will be lost forever.

1. Changing Self-Destruct Settings To Delete

Changing Self-Destruct Settings To Delete

One of Telegram’s security measures is self-destruction, which deletes the account after a specified amount of inactivity. After six months of inactivity, the self-destruct timer can be changed to a shorter period as follows:

Select ‘Settings’ in your Telegram account on your mobile device.

Then, select ‘Privacy and Security.’

Go to the bottom of the page and select the option to “Delete My Account If I’m Away For.”

If you don’t use Telegram for a month, your account and all of your conversations and contacts will be wiped.

Adjusting the self-destruct settings allows you to alter your mind during the inactive time. Resetting the self-destruct timer is as simple as using the chat app. It is possible to terminate your Telegram account immediately if you have no patience.

2. The Process Of Deleting Telegram Accounts Manually

The Process Of Deleting Telegram Accounts Manually

To remove your Telegram account, you must use a web browser on your mobile device or desktop computer. Step by step instructions are below:

To deactivate your Telegram account, go to the Telegram Deactivation Page and input your phone number in the appropriate international format.

A verification code will be sent to your cell phone, and you must enter it to continue.

Before clicking ‘Done,’ you have the option of entering a reason for your departure on the following page.

‘Are you sure?’ asks a pop-up. No, I don’t want to keep my account.

You can now delete your Telegram account and remove the app from your smartphone.

Creating a new Telegram account may take a few days if you decide to change your mind.

3. It Is Possible To Export Telegram Data.

It Is Possible To Export Telegram Data

The good idea is to export your messages, photos, and other media before deleting Telegram. If you want to download your data in JSON or HTML, you’ll need the most recent version of Telegram Desktop. This is how you do it:

Choose ‘Settings’ from the menu on the Telegram Desktop.

Click on ‘Export Telegram Data.’.

Export Chat History by selecting the option and what data you want to export.

Telegram data can now be seen offline.

4. Other Methods For Protecting Your Personal Data

Other Methods For Protecting Your Personal Data

However, Telegram isn’t the only messaging app that’s been the subject of controversy. Because hackers are getting better and better, protecting your data online is more vital than ever.

Using a high-quality virtual private network (VPN) while browsing the web, streaming, or transmitting information online is one of several ways to increase your online security. VPNs, which are simple to use but offer full internet security, stop breaches in their tracks. Multiple levels of encryption ensure that your connection is completely anonymous and secure.

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