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Globe HomeSurf199 Promo: 30GB Internet Data For 7 Days


Globe Prepaid Home WiFi users may get 22GB of data for 7 days with the Globe HomeSurf199 deal for only 199 Pesos! On the other hand, you may buy a 7-day subscription for 199 pesos and get 23GB open access data and 1GB/day of Watch, Learn, Chat, Earn. As long as you have open-access data, you can use all of your favorite apps including social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well as chat apps like Messenger and Snapchat. You can also use music apps like Spotify or Apple Music, video streaming apps like YouTube and Netflix as well as mobile games like Mobile Legends, Wild Rift, AOV and PUBG, Ragnarok Eternal Love, and COC.

Apart from HomeSurf 199, Globe HomeSurf Promos with larger data allotment is also available, ranging from 1GB for one day to 150GB for thirty days.

However, the most popular Globe HomeSurf promo seems to be the ‘HomeSurf199’, which provides sufficient data for a low price. It costs 199 yen (less than 7 cents per gigabyte) to use HomeSurf199. Other mobile data deals that cost more than 10 per gigabyte are even more expensive than the HomeSurf199 deal. Why would you pay more for less data?

Additionally, HomeSurf199 comes with 1GB per day for some of your favorite apps and websites, in addition to 23GB of open access data. Students and instructors who often visit Wikipedia and DepEd Commons, as well as online vendors who sell on Lazada and Shopee, will benefit from this promotion. Messenger, WhatsApp, and Viber all come with a daily data allowance, so you can’t go wrong.

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How To Register Globe HomeSurf199 Promo

Promo Description:

3gb (1gb per day for Watch & Learn, Chat, and Earn applications)

Charge amount: 199 Peso –

Duration: 7 or 1 week

Apps for watching and learning

You Tube, YouTube Learning, DepEd Commons, Google (G Suite), Wikipédia, Wattpad, Course Apps for chatting with your friends

Viber, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger

Apps may be used to make money

There’s Lazada, Grab, Shopee, Lalamove, and GCash, to name a few.

There is a 22GB limit for 7 days on HomeSurf199, which includes 15GB of open-access data and 7GB of gratis data. A limited-time offer of 30GB of data is available from January 13 to February 28, 2021.

You may register for Globe HomeSurf 199 Promo in one of the following ways: Just pick the one that is most convenient for you and stick with it.

Register HomeSurf199 Via SMS (Globe Share-A-Promo)


  1. Using your Globe phone with load, text the HOMESURF199 promo keyword to your Prepaid WiFi Number with the access code format “2+10 mobile number” (ex. 29271234567)

  For example, you might SMS HOMESURF199 to 29271234567

  1. Respond YES to the automatic answer text to continue the share-a-promo process.
  1. Upon receiving the SMS confirmation, you may begin browsing at your leisure.

Register HomeSurf199 Via Globe At Home App


  1. Activate the Globe at Home app.
  2. Click on “Dashboard”
  3. Tap + Get More Data to get more information
  4. Select the HomeSurf199 offer from the list and click Subscribe to join the mailing list.
  5. It’s over!

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Register HomeSurf199 via *143#


  1. To access promotions and other services, dial *143#.
  2. Dial *143# from your Globe SIM phone.
  3. Select My Account.
  4. Decide to go with Globe at Home
  5. Choose Globe at Home Prepaid WiFi as your provider
  6. On the back of the modem, you’ll see a 10-digit Prepaid WiFi Number (ex. 9662756289).
  7. If you selected Share-a-Promo w/ PIN, enter your PIN. If you selected Share-a-Promo w/o PIN, enter your PIN.
  8. Use the HOMESURF199 coupon code.
  9. Close the deal by confirming it
  10. Finally, you’re all done! Before surfing, wait for a valid confirmation message to appear on your screen.

Register HomeSurf199 via Globe AutoLoadMax

To acquire prepaid load credits or HomeSurf Promos for your prepaid account, you can use AutoLoadMax, an electronic load (e-load).


  1. Visit the Globe AutoLoadMax merchant located in the nearby supermarket, gas station, or another retail outlet.
  2. HomeSurf199 should be loaded in the shop.
  3. On the back of the modem, you’ll see your 11-digit Prepaid WiFi number (ex. 09271234567).
  4. Pay the shop
  5. You can now surf the web while you await the successful confirmation notification.

How To Check HomeSurf 199 Remaining Data Allocation

Go to the Globe at Home App Dashboard to check your remaining data allotment and prepaid amount. The built-in SMS may also be accessed by going to, then selecting SMS, then texting HOMESURF STATUS to 8080.

  1. This basic advice on data use will help you get the most of your HomeSurf 199 data.
  2. No attachments = 20KB per email
  3. 300KB for 1 email with normal attachments
  4. Surfing the internet for one minute consumes about 250kb (15mb per hour).
  5. It takes 4MB to download one MP3 song
  6. In social media, 1 minute equals 2MB (or 120MB every hour.)
  7. Social networking photo upload = 5MB
  8. 11.7MB (700MB/hr) of streaming standard-definition video at 360p every minute
  9. For example, one minute of streaming high-definition video in 720p is equivalent to 41.7MB (2500MB per hour).
  10. It takes 97.5MB to broadcast a 4K video for a minute (5850MB/hour).
  11. 200KB per minute of online gaming (12MB per hour)
  12. 3.75 MB per minute (225 MB per hour) of audio chat/call
  13. 480MB/hr = 8MB every minute of video chat/call

Remember that data use varies by the device; mobile phones consume less data than desktops. A lot depends on the type of gadget you’re using, and the quality of information you’re watching or reading. As mentioned above, the MB consumption is based on averages and estimations.

Contact the Globe customer care hotline by calling 211 on your phone to get help with your Globe HomeSurf199 subscription.

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