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How To Pay Netflix Using Gcash Full Detail

how to pay netflix using gcash

To pay for Netflix, many Filipinos lack credit or debit cards. Others have no postpaid plans with cell phone providers.

It’s a little-known fact, but you can pay for a Netflix membership with Gcash. The fact is, I’ve seen a lot of postings on Facebook offering inexpensive Netflix memberships that don’t need you to sign up for anything. I’m not sure how it works or if it’s legal or not, to be honest. As a result, I won’t judge them for it. It’s not about them in this post. Anyone who wants full control over his or her Netflix account will benefit from reading this post.

NetFlix is one of the most popular home entertainment services for watching a wide variety of movies. To Netflix original films, series, and documentaries, and so much more, Netflix has you covered. Each one of us has heard of NetFlix and knows that it’s wonderful.

However, you don’t have a debit or credit card. Some of them aren’t even postpaid mobile phone users. GCash may be used to pay for a Netflix membership. As a result of this post, we will show you how to pay Netflix with Gcash.

For this to operate, you must have a verified GCash account. Activate your GCash American Express Virtual Pay card next. This virtual card is free for GCash users. To use it, they don’t have to have a balance in their account.

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How To Pay Netflix Using Your Gcash:

Access Netflix by signing in with your Netflix credentials

  • Then, click “View the plans.”
  • “Continue” after selecting the plan of your choice.
  • Pay with a debit or credit card.
  • Fill up your American Express Virtual Card information. In Gcash, enter your American Express Virtual Card number exactly. The details may be found under “My Linked Accounts” in the Gcash App. We’ll SMS you the CVV code of your American Express Virtual Card.
  • Select “I AGREE” and “Join Now”

And there you have it, my friend! You have your own Netflix account that is legitimate! Just make sure you have enough Gcash when you sign up for Netflix because it immediately deducts the money from your Gcash when you sign up for a membership. Netflix will also send you a text message and an email confirming that your payment was successful. You may now enjoy the show without any worries! I hope you find this useful and that you have a good time!

American Express Virtual Card may be used with Amazon, Spotify, and many other websites to pay for online purchases!

How To Pay For Netflix via GCash:

Choose your plan by selecting “See the Plans” after logging in to Netflix (on your computer or mobile device).

Choose the plan that interests you. Choose the Mobile option if you will only be using Netflix on your mobile phone. As a result, the Premium plan is a better choice for families and groups of friends. It offers 4K+HDR resolution and supports up to four displays or viewers at once.

After selecting your plan, click “Continue.”

Continue by clicking “Credit or Debit Card.”

There is an American Express logo on the GCash American Express virtual card, so you may use it to pay for Netflix.

You’ll then need to input your payment information as follows:

  • The first name that appears on your GCash American Express Virtual Pay card should be used as the first name.
  • Input the last name or surname that appears on your card.
  • The card number of your GCash American Express card should be entered.
  • The card’s expiration date should be entered as MM/YY. 05/25, for example, is the date of May 2025.
  • Code of Verification (CVV)
  • GCash American Express virtual card details may be accessed by following the procedures below.
  • Access your wallet by using the GCash app.
  • Click on the hamburger menu in the upper-left corner of the page to open it.
  • “My Linked Accounts” will appear when you click on it.
  • “American Express Virtual Pay” should be selected.
  • Click “Get New Code” to receive the security code or CVV.
  • Please do not divulge your card information to anybody else.
  • To use GCash to pay for Netflix, you may now access your card details.
  • Input the CVV or Card Verification Value (CVV) of the card.
  • GCash American Express Virtual Pay cards may be accessed by following the steps below.
  • Then select “Start Membership” after providing your Netflix payment information, including the GCash American Express Virtual Pay card number.

There you have it! You’ve now joined up for Netflix and paid for it with GCash. Congratulations! As well as an email from Netflix, you’ll also receive a text message from GCash verifying your successful payment.

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How To Pay Netflix Using GCash Without A Card

Go to the Netflix website or mobile app on your computer and sign in using your Netflix account.

In the second step, pick your plan by clicking on “See the Plans”

Decide which plan is right for you. If you’ll just be watching Netflix on your smartphone, the Mobile package is the best option. As for families and barkadas, the Premium plan is the ideal choice, as up to four displays with 4K+HDR quality are supported.

Then, click the Continue button after you’re done selecting your plan.

Decide if you want to pay by credit or debit card.

GCash’s fake American Express card may be used to pay for your Netflix membership, as you can see.

Enter your credit card information to complete the transaction.

GCash American Express Virtual Pay Card First Name: Enter the first name as it appears on your virtual payment card.

GCash American Express Virtual Pay Card Last Name

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How To Pay Netflix Using GCash Mastercard

A normal debit card can be used with the GCash Mastercard. Your GCash Mastercard information (including your name, card number, expiration date, and CVV) is all you need to input when paying with your card.

As you can see, GCash may be used to pay for Netflix services. Even if you don’t have a debit or credit card, you may still use GCash to pay for Netflix content. Click here to read more how-to articles

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