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How To Delete a Linked Instagram Account

Delete a Linked Instagram Account

Was there a time when you had two Instagram accounts?

If you do, Instagram will be able to connect the two accounts. On the top navigation bar of your profile, touch on the username that corresponds to the account you wish to switch between. Once you’ve decided, go ahead and switch to the new account.

Logging out of your second Instagram account will unlink it from your main one. However, even if you log out, your account remains. Instead, you’ll have to re-log into Instagram to re-link it. Then you’ll have to unlink it again. However, what if you wish to erase your Instagram account permanently?

How to remove a linked Instagram account is covered in this tutorial.

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How To Remove An Instagram Account That Is Linked

A linked Instagram account can be deleted by first visiting Instagram’s Help Centre and clicking on the “Delete Your Account” option.

You can then deactivate your Instagram account by clicking “Delete Your Account,” logging into your Instagram account and then filling out the form that appears.

Instagram itself does not allow you to delete your account.

We can’t accomplish this because it isn’t supported by Instagram’s API just yet.

Because of this, you are deleting your associated Instagram account necessitates visiting Instagram’s help section on their website.

The URL to delete your Instagram account can be found in the Instagram Help Centre.

This can be done on a PC or a mobile device.

To remove a linked Instagram account, follow these three simple steps:

Find the “Delete Your Account” page and click on it.

“Delete Your Account” will appear.

Delete your account by filling out the “delete” form.

1. The “Delete Your Account” Page Can Be Found Here.

Delete Your Account

  • First, you must visit the Instagram Help Center’s “Delete Your Account” page.
  • First, you must visit the Instagram Help Center’s “Delete Your Account” page.
  • The Instagram Help Centre can only be accessed from a web browser.
  • Open a web browser (e.g., Chrome or Safari) to get started.
  • Google “remove Instagram account” and see if that brings up any results for that query.
  • To remove your Instagram account, go to Google and type in “delete Instagram account.”
  • The “Delete Your Account” page may be accessed via the following link: https://help.instagram.com/139886812848894.
  • There are several frequently asked questions on the “Delete Your Account” page of the Instagram Help Center. How do I temporarily disable my Instagram account?” “How do I delete my Instagram account?” and “How can I access or examine my data on Instagram?” are among the most commonly asked questions.
  • Tap on the first question if you want to know how to disable your Instagram account temporarily.
  • However, click on the third option if you wish to download a copy of your Instagram data.
  • Tap on “How do I delete my Instagram account” if you want to remove the account from your Google account.
  • To understand how to remove your associated Instagram account, go to the next step.

2. Click On “Delete Your Account” To Remove Your Account.

Click On "Delete Your Account" To Remove Your Account

  • To permanently deactivate your Instagram account, tap the “How do I delete my Instagram account” header, and you’ll find a lengthy solution.
  • According to the response, your followers, likes, comments, videos, images, and profile will all be permanently removed if you choose to delete your Instagram account.
  • The permanent deactivation of your account can be requested by scrolling down until you reach that section.
  • How to seek the permanent deletion of your Instagram account can be found in the section titled “To request the permanent deletion of your account.
  • You’ll see the “Delete Your Account” link on the first screen.
  • To delete your account, click on “Delete Your Account” in the upper right-hand corner of the page.
  • Remove any other Instagram accounts you may have.
  • You’ll be sent to Instagram’s login page after clicking “Delete Your Account.”
  • Log in to the Instagram account you wish to delete from the login screen.
  • Delete the Instagram account by entering the username and password.
  • If you delete the wrong Instagram account, you may not be able to recover it.
  • As a final step, click “Login” to access your Instagram profile.
  • Delete your associated Instagram account by filling out a form in the final stage.

3. Delete Your Account By Filling Out The Form Provided.

delete a linked instagram account

  • To permanently remove your associated Instagram account, fill out the “Delete your account” form.
  • The “Delete your account” page will appear after logging in to your associated Instagram account.
  • A drop-down menu and a password field can be found on the “Delete your account” page.
  • To begin, select “Why do you want to delete x?” from the dropdown menu (x is the username of your account).
  • Select the reason why you wish to delete your account after you’ve tapped on the dropdown box.
  • Afterward, type in your password again in the password section.
  • Finally, tap “Remove x” (x being your username) to completely delete your associated Instagram account.
  • The Instagram account you want to delete must be the username presented.
  • Then log out of Instagram and into the account you want to delete before continuing.


Instagram account deletion should be your final option.

As a result, you will lose all of your likes, comments, videos, images, and whole profile.

If you’re determined to delete your Instagram account, obtain a copy of your data before doing so.

In this way, you’ll be able to access all of your images, comments, and other information in one spot.

As an alternative, if you do not have any images, it is possible to erase your Instagram account.

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