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How To Send Streaks On Snapchat

send streaks on snapchat

Are you a first-time Snapchat user? If that’s the case, you’re probably having a great time on the most effective and engaging messaging platform available. To keep consumers engaged, Snapchat has some excellent built-in features, such as the “Snapchat streak.”

It is really simple to begin a Snapchat streak. Letting it last is yet another matter entirely. In case you’re interested in learning how to do so, we’ve got you covered. You won’t receive any awards specifically for maintaining a Snapchat streak, but simply maintaining the streak is a reward in and of itself.

Anyone who has been on a particularly extended losing streak with their buddies will know exactly what we are talking about.

Getting Started With Snapchat

Snapchat is extremely user-friendly and uncomplicated to use. You’ll be able to find your way in no time at all. Ensure that you download and upgrade Snapchat from the App Stores using an iOS device or from the Google Play Store if you’re using an Android device.

The app is best utilized on a smartphone because, unfortunately, Snapchat’s PC compatibility is somewhat restricted (tablet or phone). You may begin building your streak as soon as you launch the application for the first time and join up (follow simple onscreen instructions), so don’t wait.

Snapchat will search through your phone’s contact list for buddies to add to your account. When you initially open the Snapchat app on your device, make sure you permit it to access your contacts and photos. Aside from that, you can locate your pals by entering their usernames or scanning their QR codes.

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Adding Friends To Your Snapchat Account

Adding Friends To Your Snapchat Account

Don’t be concerned if you have enough buddies on your phone contacts list. To make more Snapchat buddies, simply follow the instructions outlined below:

Start the app by pressing the button.

The Search bar at the top of the screen, or even better, the Add Friend button, will take you to the appropriate page (plus icon).

A list of suggested people (friends of friends) will appear, which you can add by hitting the Add button beside their usernames. You may also manually look for your friend by typing their Snapchat username into the search field on the Snapchat website.

In addition, you can make use of the QR code approach. Scanning your friend’s QR code is as simple as tapping the Snapchat button in the upper corner of your screen. For this strategy, it is better to store the image of their QR code on your phone before you start scanning. Then all you have to do is select the photograph, and Snapchat will analyze it for you automatically.

Once your friend accepts the invitation, you can begin sending and receiving Snaps from them.

How To Get Your Snapchat Streak Started

Snapchat Streak Started

The answer to this question is straightforward. It takes nothing more than sending Snaps to start a Snapchat streak, and you’ll be on your way in no time. Simply put, your companion must snap you back for the situation to continue. To begin the streak, you must maintain this behavior for a minimum of three consecutive days.

If you and your buddy have been exchanging Snaps for three days, you’ll observe a fire symbol next to your friend’s profile in the Chat menu. This indicates that the streak has begun. Only by sending your friend Snaps regularly will you maintain your friendship.

There must be a Snap transfer every year for the entire 24 hours for the streak to continue. Please keep in mind that you will not send standard chat messages. It is necessary to transmit Snaps (pictures or videos) to avoid losing your streak. Stories, as well as spectacles and memories, are not taken into consideration.

None of them might be able to keep the flame burning. That is a major reason many individuals continue to use Snapchat daily – to keep their Snapchat streaks alive.

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Snapchat Streak Tips–How To Keep Long As Possible

Snapchat Streak Tips

But, hold on a second. You know the solution to this issue! How do you ensure that you return to Snapchat regularly and recall Snap your pals daily? You might easily lose track of a winning run — believe me, I’ve been there.

I’ve been a particularly horrible buddy on Snapchat because I often forget to respond to the Snaps that my friends send me. I very never have a winning run with any of them, and even if I do, I lose it fairly fast. Instead of being like me, remember to respond to your pals.

Even more, you can begin the Snap chain to begin your Snap streak immediately. In my humble view, the most effective method to accomplish this is to share Snaps first thing in the morning. When you first wake up, get onto Snapchat and post a few early morning Snaps to your buddies.

If you become habitual, you’ll be able to maintain your streak without exerting any effort. That’s how the most successful “Snapchats” go about their business.

Why Are We Doing This? Is There Any Point To It?

Yes, there most certainly is. Maintaining a Snapchat streak can assist you in keeping up with the hectic schedules of your buddies. The other advantage is that by maintaining these streaks, you will raise your Snapchat score even further.

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