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How To See Who Stalks Your Instagram

see who stalks your instagram

Social media is exactly what it says it is: social. If you’re conducting business online, you’re in the public light, and people taking an interest in you is just part of the price of doing business on the internet. There is a distinction between actively engaging with you, being curious about you, checking you out, and stalking you.

Do you believe someone is following you on Instagram? Do you suspect that someone has a secret crush on you and is stalking you on the internet? What if you want to find out whether or not someone is paying a bit too much attention to what you do on social media?

This guide will show you how to identify whether someone is looking at your Instagram but isn’t commenting or if they are simply lurking on your account.

Unfortunately, there are few alternatives available to you if you want to find out whether someone is continuously looking at your Instagram page. A lot of information is lacking from the social network regarding what is happening, who is viewing what, and when someone is viewing your profile. Instagram Stories is the only choice, and it, like its predecessor Snapchat, allows you to see who has viewed your post.

Instagram Stories: The Only Way Of Knowing If Someone Is Observing You

Instagram Stories

It is almost as though Instagram Stories are a carbon replica of Snapchat Stories, and they function in the same way. You create a post, designate it as a Story, and then make it public for 24 hours before being removed from the site.

You can view someone’s tales by selecting their profile in the app, and they can view yours by selecting their profile in the app. Instagram Stories, like Snapchat, provide you with information about who has seen your Story.

When viewing one of your own Instagram Stories, you can swipe up to see who has viewed it. The usernames of each person who viewed the Story in question are displayed on the screen. Although it has not been proven, some assume that the sequence names appear to show how many times they have viewed the video in question. Of course, Instagram has never acknowledged this, but it’s an intriguing hypothesis to consider anyway.

Essentially, your Instagram Stories should be your first port of call. If you have published one of the short videos, you will observe who is viewing it.

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Identifying And Apprehending The Instagram Stalker

Identifying And Apprehending The Instagram Stalker

The only way to discover who is connecting with your material is that you can do so through Instagram Stories. Even though Instagram Analytics notifies professional account owners of how many people watched their posts, they do not reveal which account was watching them. So, we’ve come up with a workaround for putting a stop to your Stalker’s activities.

When you post an Instagram Story, you have the option to make it private from other users who are following you. This contrasts with the “Close Friends” list, which informs users that they have shared it with specific persons in particular situations.

If you have reason to believe that someone is tracking your material, create a Story and conceal it from everyone else on your list. Just before you post your Story, go to the Instagram Story Settings and check the box that says “Hide Story From” before clicking “Post.” Select everyone except the person who piques your curiosity. It is possible that by doing so, they will not be aware that they are the only ones who can view the Story.

If you’re using Instagram Analytics, you can see that they’ve viewed it, as well as watch the view count climb with each view. Because they are the only ones who have access to the Story, if they view it several times, you will identify them as the perpetrator.

This is, unfortunately, the only technique we know of to determine whether someone is actively seeking out your video to view over and over again. Therefore we must use this method. If you do not have Instagram’s Analytics set up, this will just inform you whether or not they watched your video.

Other Ways To Determine Whether Someone Is Following You On Instagram 

Other Ways To Determine Whether Someone Is Following You On Instagram 

Except for seeing who has viewed your Instagram Story, there is no other way to keep track of what is going on within the app. Snapchat provides more information on who is doing what than Instagram, which does not.

Consequently, if no one comments or interacts with you in any other manner, are you truly left in the dark, or are you?

1. Finding an Instagram Stalker with the Help of Third-Party Apps

Several third-party software, browser extensions, and websites claim to tell you who is looking at your profile and what they are doing. Many of these are ineffective, while others necessitate disclosing your personal information for evil objectives.

Although there may be some legitimate resources available, users should be aware of the risks of using such a service. Before you join up for anything, make sure you read the reviews and conduct your homework on the developer.

2. Stalking on Instagram: How to Deal with It

If you believe someone is tracking you on Instagram, there isn’t much you can do about it. As long as they aren’t issuing threats or otherwise causing you significant distress, they aren’t breaking the law. This is the price we pay for using social media. The information you share on the internet is available for anybody to view, and people are free to do anything they want with it.

3. Changing the privacy settings on Instagram

If your paranoia is getting the better of you, you can alter your Instagram privacy settings to prevent the individual from following you across the social media network.

  • Open the “Instagram App” on your smartphone.
  • To access your profile page, click on the “profile icon” (settings) in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Select the “hamburger icon” (menu) in the upper-right section to access the menu.
  • Choose “Settings” from the drop-down menu.
  • “Privacy” is the option to select.
  • Toggle on “Private Account” in the “Account Privacy” section near the top of the page.
  • A Private Account is only available to those who have subscribed to your feed. People who wish to follow you will send you a request, which you can either accept or reject at your discretion, depending on your preferences. This setting allows you to control who has access to your Instagram profile and posts, which significantly reduces your visibility on the platform.

4. Changing the status of your Instagram activity

As an alternative to altering your privacy settings, you can also switch off your activity status to prevent the “stalker” from tracking your movements.

To change your privacy settings on Instagram, go to “Settings” and then “Privacy.”

Select “Activity Status” from the drop-down menu and toggle “Show Activity Status” off.

The procedures outlined above prevent others from seeing what you’re up to on Instagram, but they also prevent you from seeing what other people are up to on Instagram. It’s a two-way street in both directions.

5. Removing someone from your Instagram Followers is a simple process.

If you know someone is stalking you, you can block them from becoming a follower on your profile.

Within Instagram, go to “Profile” and fill out the form.

At the top of the page, select “Followers.”

Remove a follower by clicking on the “Remove” button next to their name on the followers’ list.

Unless this person is a follower of your Instagram account, anything you post or do on your account will be hidden from them if you have set your profile to private on Instagram. They will still be able to view your comments and likes on other people’s posts, but they will not be able to see anything you post on your page or in your group.

6. Changing the privacy settings on your Instagram account

In addition to decreasing the interaction aspect of social media, a private Instagram account also provides a little amount of protection. You may try making your account private for a month or two and then reopening it to the general public. Chances are, whoever was stalking you would have become bored by then and moved on—at the very least, they would have.

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Top Apps To Find The Stalkers

Top Apps To Find The Stalkers  

Here is the list of the top-ranking apps that will let you find out about the stalkers on your Instagram account:

1. Instagram Follower Insight App

Instagram does not allow you to see who has viewed your profile by default.

It’s now easier than ever to keep track of all the people who follow you on Instagram by using the Follower Insight for the Instagram app!

Keep track of all the individuals who follow, unfollow or block you on Instagram by using this app. A notification on your smartphone will be sent if someone blocks or unfollows you on Instagram, and you can set this up via the app.

To find out who follows my Instagram account, I recommend using Follower Insight for Instagram.

2. Follower Analyzer for Instagram

Exactly how can you know when someone is looking at your Instagram profile?

My Instagram followers?

My Instagram story was viewed by whom?

Many people have asked these questions, and the solution is simple: Make use of this software.

The Follower Analyzer for the Instagram app is easy to use and is available on both the Google Playstore and the Apple App Store for download and installation. When you first sign up for the app, it will perform an initial analysis of your Instagram account. Keep track of who has viewed my Instagram app the most by default with this free application. Even better, you may discover who is interested in your photos and stories! This program does away with the guesswork and provides you with the information you need to keep track of who’s looking at your Instagram profile (in just a few clicks).

3. Followers Insight for Instagram, Tracker, and Analyzer

Using this app will help you keep track of who’s looking at your Instagram account, as well as who’s interested in your stories and posts.

This free Instagram tracking tool notifies you when someone interacts with or is interested in one of your Instagram posts right to their smartphone.

It’s one of the best tools for discovering who’s stalking you on Instagram.

4. Follower Analyzer for Instagram – Follower Tracker

An Instagram follower tracker called Follower Analyzer in the fourth place lets you see who is looking at or stalking your account on Instagram.

This software allows you to see who has been following your Instagram account and has seen the photos and stories you’ve shared.

Is there a way to see who has viewed my Instagram photos? If so, the answer is obvious. You can use the Follower Analyzer for the Instagram app to do so.

5. Insights for Instagram

Is this the app you’ve been seeking to see who viewed my Instagram story (viewers)?

I put this gadget through its paces a couple of times to ensure it was accurate.

I have to admit that the app’s accuracy in revealing who read my Instagram story has taken me by surprise.

If you’re interested in finding out who’s been looking at your Instagram account, including followers, unfollowers, blocked users, and those who never follow you back, then this app is a must-have.


The applications listed above are just a few of the many you may use to keep tabs on who is stalking your Instagram account and who is following you. The Play Stores for iOS and Android smartphones have the five mentioned above. Free and quick to download and install are two of the nicest aspects of these apps.

What’s the holdup?

Get the apps installed and use Instagram to keep tabs on your stalkers. Understanding who is perusing their images and engaging in the tales on Instagram is common among all of the service’s users. It’s all because of applications like this that things have gotten so much easier.

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