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How To Check Data Balance In Smart

how to check data balance in smart

Smart Cell SIM is widely used in GPRS, EDGE, and 4G networks for mobile data internet. People are also perplexed by mobile data and GPRS settings, and incorrectly configure APN in their phones. As a result, correctly configuring GPRS 4G will be simple.

As previously stated, Smart Telecom’s GSM service is known as Smart Cell, which is identical to Namaste in the case of NTC. The SIM card from Smart Cell is also accessible in major cities. Our frequent subscriber is always inquiring about Smart Cell’s various services, despite the fact that he is unaware of the Smart Cell customer support number. So, here’s how to check the amount in your Smart cell, as well as other things.

In the country, Smart Telecom solely offers GSM service. Smart telecom’s subscribers are growing by the day as the 2G and 4G networks develop. Smart Telecom has yet to launch a 3G network. Below are the details for checking your balance, purchasing a data pack, a voice pack, recharging your phone, and transferring your balance in Smart Cell.

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How To Check The Balance In A Smart Cell?

Customers can check their bonus or main balance in the Smart cell. *123# should be dialed in each case.
Previously, they had two USSD numbers for bonuses and main balance inquiries.

How To Take Data Packs In Smart Cell?

In order to receive the data pack in Smart cell, the consumer must first:
Dial *141# and choose from the various options available.
You may also use the Smart Cell mobile app to purchase the pack of your choice.
The consumer can simply inspect the various data packages and select the ones they want by using such a menu (known as USSD). The smart cell has added further offerings, such as a double data pack and bonuses, with the advent of 4G.

How To Configure GPRS Data/internet Settings On Smart Cell SIM?

By default, Smart Cell initiates the data service on the SIM card. However, the problem could be with the cell phone you’re using to access the internet.
Follow the instructions below to configure GPRS settings on your Smart Cell SIM phone.
Accessing your mobile phone Cellular/Mobile Network->Access point (Settings-> Cellular/Mobile Network->Access point) Name
Name the cell Smart Cell.
Then designate an APN as “smart.”

Leave the rest of the fields alone.

Make the APN default and save it.

To avoid confusion, if you have already entered other APNs, please erase them all and just keep Smart APN.

With the same APN, the preceding procedure works not only for GPRS but also for 4G settings in the Smart cell.

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How To Check The Remaining Volume In Data Packs?

You can check the remaining volume for the Smart data packs you’ve purchased by going to
Check your balance by contacting *123#, and they’ll send you an SMS with the remaining volume information for the data pack you’ve purchased.

How To Transfer The Balance In Smart Cell?

You’ll need to do the following to transfer the amount in Smart Cell:
dial *131*Friends Number*Amount*123456# or *131*Friends Number*Amount*123456#.
Smart Cell’s mobile app also allows you to transfer balance.
There’s also the option of borrowing money from your friends or family. You can request a balance transfer from your friends and family.
by phoning *152*Family/Friends Number*Amount in Rs#
You will be told of the number you pressed there, and you will be able to borrow the amount after confirmation.

How To Recharge In A Smart cell?

To use a recharge card to recharge your Smart Cell, follow these steps.
*122*” Pin No”# is the number to dial.
Your Smart Cell number can also be recharged online.
You can also recharge other people’s Smart numbers in the same way.
dialing *120*PIN*MobileNo#, where mobile no refers to the number of people you wish to recharge.

How To Inquire About Smart Cell Services?

You must contact Smart cell to inquire about any service or to file a complaint. From any Smart Cell number, dial 4242 (Smart Cell customer service).

From other telecom operators, dial 9611004242 to reach the Smart Telecom customer service center.

We recommend that you read the most recent Smart Cell offer.

In the comments area below, tell us what you think of the main subscription methods, such as checking your balance in Smart Cell.

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Balance Inquiry Via SMS

Send to 214 by typing BRO (space) BAL.

Wait for the SMS confirmation to arrive, which will include information on your account’s expiration date and the remaining amount. Smart Load Manager provides information for people who want to check their load status.

Via Dashboard

Connect your Smart Bro device to the internet.

Go to www.smart.com.ph/brodashboard on your browser.

Then, immediately on the dashboard, you can monitor your load and data balance.

Via Web Online

The second approach is to do it online; this is not as simple as the first, but it allows you to fully modify and verify the specifics of your Smart account, including postpaid accounts. You can also add extra accounts by simply entering the number and linking it to your existing Smart Connect account. You may also manage your phone and sim services, bills, data packages (UnliSurf), and call and text promos using your my. Smart account.

At http://smart.com.ph/connect my. Smart, create, or register an account.

Fill in all essential fields and complete the registration procedure. For verification purposes, be sure to use a current email account.

Open your email account and click the verification link that was provided to your inbox (if you didn’t receive the link in your inbox, check your Junk Folder). It normally takes a few minutes for this to show up in your email folder.

Fill in your selected password and continue with the rest of your profile information.

Proceed after adding your Smart Bro SIM mobile number to your account. You will receive an SMS message in your inbox or on your Smart Broadband dashboard. To link your mobile number to your web account, enter the PIN code.

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