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TM ALLNET20 Promo Details In 2021

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Are you tired of paying a lot of money only to be able to call other networks? There’s no need to be concerned because Touch Mobile (TM) has just launched its newest promotion. Yes, if you want to make unlimited calls to all networks, you can use the TM ALLNET20 deal.

One of Touch Mobile’s newest and most effective promotions is the TM ALLNET20. Users can make unlimited calls to other networks and send unlimited messages to Globe and TM subscribers with this promo. But hold on, there’s more! This particular promotion also includes fifty (50) messages to all networks as well as fifty (50) gigabytes of data for two (2) days!

There’s no need to be concerned about being paid a hefty cost since you’ll be communicating with another network provider; there’s also no need to be concerned about being unable to text them because the TM ALLNET20 has you covered!

The TM ALLNET20 promo offers unlimited calls to all networks, unlimited texts to Globe/TM, and 50 texts to all networks at a low cost. It also includes a tiny quantity of data (50MB) that can be used to access Facebook. The TM ALLNET20 offer is excellent for TM customers who like to text and contact their friends and family because it allows them to communicate with users on other networks (such as Smart, Sun, and TNT).

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TM ALLNET20 Promo Details:


How Do I Register For The TM ALLNET20 Promo?

It’s simple to register; simply text the word AN20 to the number 8080. (For example, text AN20 to 8080.) After that, you should receive confirmation that your registration for the TM ALLNET20 was successful.
NOTE: Make sure you receive the indication indicating you already have the promo before phoning friends and family from other networks. This is to prevent you from losing load or credits, as these promotions can occasionally be delayed. Because this promotion is new and not many people are taking advantage of it yet, the confirmation message may be delayed, so make sure you check your email regularly.

I Am A Globe Telecom Subscriber, Can I Avail This Promo Too?

This promotion is only available to Touch Mobile (TM) subscribers. Despite the fact that TM is a subsidiary of Globe Telecom, Globe has not announced that their customers and subscribers will be able to access it as well. You can check the Globe Promo Menu or their website at to be sure.
You must maintain a minimum of P1.00 in order for the TM ALLNET20 offer to work. As a result, you must guarantee that your account or phone number has at least P1.00 in leftover load or credits after receiving the confirmation notification.
The TM ALLNET20 is subject to the Fair Use Policy (FUP) to prevent network abuse and malfunctions because it provides all TM users unlimited calls to all networks and unlimited texts to Globe and TM. In other words, if the system notices that you’re making a lot of calls to other networks, or just a lot of calls in general, they may slow down your usage/consumption.
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How Can I Check The Status Of My ALLNET20?

You may check the status of your ALLNET20 offer by texting AN20 STATUS to 8080. This message is free, so don’t worry about running out of credits or consuming a lot of data. You may check the status of your ALLNET20 offer by texting AN20 STATUS to 8080. This message is free, so don’t worry about running out of credits or consuming a lot of data.

TM ALLNET20 Inclusions

The following are included in the TM ALLNET20 promotion:
Calls to all networks are free.
Globe texts are unlimited, whereas TM texts are limited to 50 per network.
50 megabytes of data for Facebook TM ALLNET20 is a two-day pass that costs $20. The promotion is exclusively available to TM subscribers.
Simply dial the number directly to contact someone using ALLNET20. To avoid misuse of the service, the promotion is subject to the TM Fair Use Policy.

How To Register To TM ALLNET20

Text the phrase AN20 to 8080 to join TM ALLNET20. To participate in the promotion, you must have at least a $20 load balance.

If your promo registration is successful, you will receive a text confirmation. The promo’s expiration date is also included in the text message, along with instructions on how to check its status or cancel it.

You can also subscribe to TM ALLNET20 by dialing *143#. Go to Combo > Call and Text Combo Promos > AN20 > Register when the USSD menu appears.

You will receive a text message to indicate that you have successfully subscribed to the promo, just like you did with text registration. After that, you’re free to text and phone your friends as much as you like.

TM ALLNET20 is also available on GCash. Simply open your GCash app, pick Buy Load, enter your TM number, and choose the “CALL & TEXT” tab. To purchase the promotion, select ALLNET20.

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How To Check Status And Stop Promo

Text AN20 STATUS to 8080 to verify the status of your subscription. You’ll get a text message with the remaining deal inclusions as well as the promo’s validity term or expiry date.
Text AN20 STOP to 8080 to cancel the TM ALLNET20 promotion. This will immediately unsubscribe you from the promotion, allowing you to sign up for another.

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