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How To Unlock Your Locked SSS Account 2021

sss account locked

You’ve undoubtedly tried to log in to your SSS account on a number of times but were unable. It might be a result of an erroneous user id or password. Unfortunately, you’ve forgotten your password. Your SSS account was locked after a series of failed attempts. So, you’re wondering how to unlock your SSS account that’s been locked up. You have three possibilities for unlocking your SSS account. government/unlocking your locked sss account/5-0-30436 for more information.

Due to many failed login attempts, is your SSS account locked up? There are a couple of methods to unlock your SSS account if it’s locked, so don’t worry. To unlock your account, you have two options: either unlock it yourself or ask for help from the SSS.

To maintain track of your Social Security System (SSS) membership as an active and paying member, it’s necessary to have a My.SSS account. It allows you to access information about your job history and contributions, as well as produce payment reference numbers and apply for a loan, among other things. Through your SSS account, you may now conduct a number of transactions that were previously only possible in person. Yes, it’s tremendous time-saving!

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How To Unlock Your Locked SSS Account?

Option 1

In order to unlock your SSS account quickly, you may simply go into the SSS office and ask for the account to be unlocked. Bring your SSS ID or UMID with you. Otherwise, bring any acceptable ID and your Social Security number. Identity verification requires a valid id.

Option 2

Call SSS Customer Service and ask for your account to be unlocked. Please have your SSS number ready before you call! You’ll receive a report from the customer care agent once you contact them. Customer support is often busy so please be patient while calling SSS. Keep phoning until someone answers. Your password will be reset within 24 hours of the report being created, and a temporary password will be issued by the system and emailed to your email address. You should thus keep an eye on your email on a frequent basis.

Option 3

To unlock your SSS account through email, contact SSS’s Customer Service department. There’s a chance that your request will be completed in a few days if you choose this option. Scan your valid ID or SSS/UMID and attach it to your e-mail message. For customer service, you can send an email to the following SSS e-mail addresses: online service assistance[at][email protected](at)[email protected]

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Suggestions / Recommendations To SSS

A 24-hour AUTO-RESET FEATURE should be implemented by SSS for LOCKED SSS ACCOUNTS. All SSS accounts should be re-accessible after 24 hours. This is similar to the “lock-in” function of certain big Philippine financial institutions. Your online banking account will be accessible again tomorrow if you are unable to access it today. Almost too easy, isn’t it?

Calling The SSS call-Center Customer Service

You may also contact the SSS hotline at 920-6446 to 55 and ask for your account to be unlocked or reset. You’ll need to know your Social Security number in order for them to verify that it’s actually you. Prepare these data if you don’t know what your SSS number is so they can verify that you’re the legitimate owner of the account so they can supply you with the number
Your whole name, including your middle name.
First and middle names of the mother
The full address is:
Make a mental note of your SSS number so that you don’t forget it. Your account can now be reset or unlocked. They’ll generate a report for you. You’ll get an email with a temporary password within 24 hours. Checking your email on a regular basis is so crucial.

Emailing The SSS customer Service

It may take many days for your account to be successfully reset or unlocked if you follow this method. Simply scan and attach your UMID or SSS ID to your email. These email addresses are available for you to use: \smember
To validate your SSS account, you’ll need to provide the following information in your email:

What do you believe is the best method for you to use to achieve your goal? Have you been locked out of your own account? Do at least one of these steps and you’ll be able to log in again.

Unlock Your SSS Account Via Password Reset

If you’ve forgotten your SSS password, resetting it is the fastest and easiest way to unlock it. We’ll be using the My.SSS website for this article, but the same applies to the SSS mobile app. However, the mobile app asks for your username instead of a CRN or SSS number, which is a significant change.
Your common reference number (CRN) or social security number (SS) will appear next. Your UMID card contains the CRN.
Open the “Password Reset Request” email. To reset your password, click the link in the email.
Enter your new password twice in the provided fields on the password reset page. Here are a few guidelines to follow when creating a new password :

Call The SSS

If you don’t want to wait hours or days for a response, you can call the SSS and get your account unlocked in a matter of minutes. You may call any of the following numbers:

The SSS call center is open every day, 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM, except Sundays and holidays.

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