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What Is Smart Padala Rates

smart padala rates

Smart Padala is one of the Philippines’ major domestic money remittance providers, having over 27,000 locations across the country. Smart Padala, now owned by PayMaya Philippines, Inc., is a popular way to transfer and receive money in the Philippines. Because it is backed by the telecommunications behemoth PLDT, you may rest confident that it is trustworthy and reliable.

You might be curious about the Smart Padala prices for 2021, as well as how to send and receive money using this service. This information is available on the company’s website, however, we found it to be extremely unclear. It is primarily written in Tagalog. We appreciate that Tagalog is the national language of the Philippines and that the corporation likely believes that speaking it makes their services more acceptable to the general public, yet some people prefer English.

As a result, we’ve created this short guide to Smart Padala, which is written in English and includes straightforward, concise explanations. Hopefully, this instruction will assist you in sending and receiving money with Smart Padala.

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How To Send Money Through Smart Padala

These are the steps to using Smart Padala to send money to anyone in the Philippines:

How To Receive Money

Simply follow these simple procedures to claim a money remittance. Money can be claimed for free.

Text CHECK PADALA to 8890 or contact the hotline number (02) 845-7777 to find out your reference number (in case you misplaced it or deleted the confirmation text message).

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List Of Valid IDs

To send or collect money using Smart Padala, you only need one valid ID. Here’s a list of permissible IDs in case you’re curious about what constitutes a legitimate ID:

Smart Padala Requirements For Remittance

The good news is that this service only requires one valid ID to transfer and receive money. Aside from giving your valid ID, you must also submit the reference number of the remittance transaction if you are claiming money.
Smart Padala Agents accept the following forms of identification:

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How To Register With Smart Padala

Customers are encouraged to complete the KYC (Know Your Customer) process through Smart Padala. The Philippines’ central bank, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, requires financial services firms to use KYC to verify the identity of their customers.
You can go through the KYC process with an authorized agent on your next send/receive money transaction. All you have to do is fill up a transaction slip, show your valid identification, and have your photo taken by the agent.
You will receive various perks once you have completed the KYC process: It protects you from scammers and allows you to receive your reference number right after you pay money. If you’re a registered user, you’ll also get access to special Smart Padala offers.

How To Use Smart Padala Services:

1. Go To The Nearest Smart Padala Agent

To begin, go to their website and use the search function to locate the nearest agent branch. Simply enter your address, and a list of stores and their addresses in your region will appear.
Simply fill out a transaction slip and present your valid ID after selecting an agent location near you. If you want to be sure your remittance reaches its proper recipient, make sure you write down the recipient’s name and phone number correctly.

2. Pay The Service Fee

Simply provide the completed transaction slip, remittance, and service fee payment to the agent once you’ve completed the required information.

3. Confirm Your Transaction Slip

The slip will be returned to you after the agent has completed processing your transaction. Just double-check the information on the transaction slip and sign it once everything is good.

To confirm your successful transaction, you and your recipient will receive a text message with a reference number

How To Receive Money From The Philippines

Please keep in mind that you must claim the money within 150 days of receiving it to avoid problems with the remittance.

1. Go To The Nearest Agent

Simply fill out a transaction sheet and produce your valid ID to the nearest Smart Padala agent in your area to claim the money paid via Smart Padala. Simply put down the right reference number that you received via SMS.

If you sent CHECKspace>PADALA to 8890 and are a Smart or TNT subscriber, you can retrieve the text message if you unintentionally deleted it or if you haven’t received any reference number.

If you are a Globe user, you can also acquire your reference number by phoning the Smart Padala hotline at (02) 845-7777.

2. Show The Text Confirmation To The Agent

When claiming a remittance, remember to bring your phone because the agent will need to see the text confirmation to verify that you are the intended beneficiary.

3. Confirm Your Transaction Slip

The money and transaction slip will then be handed to you by the agent. Following the completion of your transaction. Check to see if you received the correct amount and sign the slip.

How To Send Money From Abroad Through Smart Padala

1. Visit A Smart Padala International Partner

Money can be sent online or through the nearest physical location, depending on Smart Padala’s foreign remittance partner.

2. Send Your Remittance

Transferring money from outside to the Philippines might be complicated depending on whether you do it online or at a physical location run by an agency. All you have to do is follow the directions on their separate websites.

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