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How To Pasaload In Globe And TM

how to pasaload in tm

Assume you’re texting a friend and he suddenly goes silent because his prepaid load has run out. Fortunately, you can get your friend out of this predicament by sharing your excess weight. We’ll show you how to pasaload in Globe and TM in this article.

Globe Telecom allows its customers to share their unused load credits with other customers. You can transmit your prepaid load to friends and family who have run out of airtime credits with the Globe share-a-load service. Globe subscribers can share loads ranging from $1 to $500, with different expiration periods and validity.

The difference between Globe and Smart pasaload is that the former allows you to set a PIN code for pasaload transactions. The PIN code functions similarly to a password, prohibiting unauthorised transfers of your prepaid load. However, you can still transfer load without using a PIN code.

Another benefit of Globe pasaload is that you can send nearly any amount up to $150 (for prepaid subscribers) or $500 (for postpaid subscribers) (for postpaid subscribers). This implies you can transmit any number, such as 27. Other networks, which must be in increments of 5 or 10 (such as 15 or 60), do not allow for this

You can also share Globe text, call, and Internet data promos with other Globe or TM subscribers, in addition to prepaid load. This eliminates the necessity for your recipient to sign up for the Globe or TM promotion of his choice. Simply give the Globe promotion to your target recipient, and he will be able to take advantage of the perks right away.

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How To Pasaload To A Globe or TM Subscriber

In Globe or TM, there are two ways to share a load. The first is to send an SMS (short messaging service) or text message. The second option is to dial *143#.

Pasaload Via SMS

To send a pasaload to a Globe or TM subscriber, text the load amount to 2 + the recipient’s 10-digit phone number, replacing the prefix “0” with the number “2.”
For instance, send 100 to 29123456789.
If you have a PIN, text the load amount and PIN to 2 + the recipient’s 10-digit phone number, substituting the prefix “0” with “2.” Learn how to set your Globe pasaload PIN in the sections below.
For example, send 100 1234 to 29123456789.
Simply wait for your Globe pasaload transaction to be confirmed. To proceed with the pasaload, respond YES within 5 minutes. Every successful pasaload transaction will incur an extra fee of $1.

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Pasaload Via *143#

The USSD code *143# can also be used to execute Globe pasaload.

To get started, dial *143# and go to MyAccount, then Share-A-Load/Promo/MB. Choose one of the following options:

Without a PIN, share a load. Enter the amount (1 to 150) and then the recipient’s 10-digit phone number (without the prefix “0”). 9123456789 is an example of a phone number.

Share a PIN-protected load. Enter your four-digit PIN, the amount to transfer (from $1 to $150), and the recipient’s 10-digit phone number (without the prefix “0”). 09123456789 is an example of a phone number.

Share the promotion without the PIN. Choose the type of number you want to share (Globe Prepaid, TM, Globe Tattoo, Globe at Home Prepaid WiFi, or Globe MyBusiness Prepaid Internet) and then the promo. Enter the recipient’s 10-digit phone number without the “0” prefix.

PIN is required to share the promotion. Choose the type of number after entering your four-digit PIN (Globe Prepaid, TM, Globe Tattoo, Globe at Home Prepaid WiFi, or Globe MyBusiness Prepaid Internet). Choose the promotion you wish to share and input the recipient’s 10-digit phone number without the prefix “0.”

MBs to be shared (GS Share). Enter the number of megabytes (MBs) you want to share, which must be between 10 and 30 MB. You’ll be charged $5 for each sharing. After that, input the recipient’s 10-digit phone number (without the prefix “0”).

Wait for your pasaload transaction to be confirmed by a message. To complete the purchase, respond YES within 5 minutes.

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Globe Pasaload Denominations And Validity

The numerous denominations (load amounts) for the Globe pasaload service, as well as their respective validity, are listed below:
Prepaid Globe customers are limited to 5 share-a-load transactions per day, with a maximum of $150 per transaction. Globe postpaid consumers, on the other hand, have a maximum credit limit of $500 regardless of plan.

How To Pasaload A Globe Or TM Promo

To send a Globe or TM promo, text the promo keyword to 2 + the recipient’s 10-digit phone number (replace the prefix “0” with “2”).
For example, text GOSURF10 to 29123456789.

To complete the pasaload transaction, wait for the confirmation notification and reply YES.

How To Set Your Globe Pasaload PI

To prevent your prepaid load from being stolen, you can set a PIN. Text REG 4-digit PIN> 4-10 character PIN Clue> to 2916 to set your Globe pasaload PIN. The transaction will cost you one dollar.
For example, send REG 1025 BIRTHDAY to 2916.
If you have already registered a PIN but have forgotten it, text GET MPIN Clue> to 2916 to retrieve it. GET BIRTHDAY, for example, and send it to 2916.
You can also change your Globe pasaload PIN by dialing *143# and then selecting MyAccount, Share-A-Load/Promo/MB, and Change Share PIN.
What if you’ve misplaced your MPIN code? You will receive a text message asking you to reset your PIN after three unsuccessful PIN retrieval attempts. To reset the PIN, simply follow the instructions. You can then create a new PIN.

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