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How To Send Money From GCash To Paymaya Account

gcash to paymaya

In the Philippines, GCash and PayMaya are two of the most popular e-wallets or online payment programs. These two mobile wallets offer Filipinos a convenient and simple way to conduct cashless transactions such as bill payments, money transfers, load purchases, and more.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got both GCash and PayMaya on your phone since one isn’t enough. Although either of these two apps is adequate for your daily financial needs, there are situations when your e-wallet fails.

That’s why I have PayMaya and GCash on my phone in case one of them refuses to cooperate. There are also some functions in each app that are either limited or unavailable in the other. When compared to GCash, I found PayMaya’s number of billers (where you can pay your bills) to be extremely limited.

I frequently run out of money in my PayMaya wallet and need to pay expenses that I can’t pay with GCash. So, with a few taps on my smartphone, I transfer money from my GCash account to my PayMaya wallet. To transfer money between these two e-wallets, you don’t need to employ a mediator or a third-party service like a bank.

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How To Transfer Money From GCash To PayMaya

Log into your GCash wallet using your MPIN. On the home screen, tap “Send Money.” Then select “Send to Bank.”As illustrated in the screenshot below, tap “View All.”
Select “PayMaya Philippines, Inc.” from the drop-down menu.
Enter the amount you want to transfer, as well as the recipient’s account name, account number, and email address (optional). Your PayMaya account’s account number is your mobile phone number. Select “SEND MONEY” from the drop-down menu.
Make sure the information you’ve given is correct. To finish the transaction, tap “CONFIRM.
The transfer from GCash to PayMaya is currently being handled. Wait for confirmation of your successful purchase through SMS and/or email.
Check your PayMaya account to see if the funds have already been transferred to your wallet. In my situation, the money arrived almost fast. There are no costs associated with this transaction.

  1. First and foremost, create an account to gain access to the Gcash e-wallet.
  2. Use your Mobile Banking Personal Identification Number to access your Gcash account (MPIN)
  3. Tap the “Send Money” icon on the Home Screen.
  4. Then, on the screen, select the “Send To Bank” option.
  5. Click the “View All” option, then select “PayMaya Philippines Inc.” from the list of mediums.
  6. After you’ve completed the process, follow the on-screen directions. Fill in the blanks in the open toolbar with the information supplied below.
  7. The amount you wish to transfer
  8. To finish the process, provide the Account Name as well as your bank account number or the cellphone number with which PayMaya is registered.
  9. After you’ve completed the review process of double-checking the accuracy of the information you’ve supplied, click “Confirm.”

Post finishing the method, observe the given directions, In the open toolbar enter the small print supplied beneath,

The amount is efficiently transferred from Gcash to PayMaya after the financial institution’s confirmation notification is received. Because of the transactional payment, the course would not require any additional funds. Examine the PayMaya Account Balance for a specific confirmation of whether or not the funds have been sent. To acquire all of the useful information about How To Transfer Money From Gcash To PayMaya, read the entire page carefully.

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What Is The Purpose Of Gcash And PayMaya?

Gcash and PayMaya are the two most popular digital wallets among Filipino e-wallet users. People would benefit immensely from this internet application software since they will no longer have to rush to banks for money transfers or withdrawals. Using the digital wallet of today’s scenario, they can complete the money transfer process in a single trial.

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