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How To Convert Load To GCash In 2021 Full Detail

converting load to gcash

All you needed to do was download, make an account and log in to the GCash application. After that, pick ‘Cash in,’ select ‘Load to Cash Prepaid’, and select the amount you want. An SMS notification would follow after verifying this amount, signifying a successful transaction through https://www.zintego.com/

Perhaps you have an additional prepaid load for which you have no need, therefore you wonder whether your unwieldy load can be turned into cold, hard cash. Can your normal load actually be converted to GCash funds?

No, you cannot convert load into GCash – at least with the GCash application. The short answer is no. Using GCash the possibility to switch Globe’s prepaid load back in 2016 to GCash money. It was your visit to a now-deprived Website (www.mgcash.globe.com.ph) and the quantity of load that you would want to convert in your phone number. Since then, many things have changed and today the great majority of GCash customers are utilizing the Mobile App without prepaid charging to GCash.

A lot of YouTube videos are also available that are intended to show you how to convert additional charges to GCash money. The problem is that nearly all of these videos teach an approach that does not work anymore. You are instructed to purchase a “treatment” for Share Treats using your cellular load and convert to the CLiqQ wallet balance. If you haven’t previously learned, 7-Eleven won’t let you cash from CLiQQ to GCash, yet it still enables you to purchase goods on 7-Eleven using your CLiQQ balance.
“Convert” Globe Load to GCash

You can utilise a method called “Share-a-Load” to sell your prepaid load to another user of the Globe or Touchscreen Mobile (TM). For every transaction, PHP 1 is charged. You may share your load in two ways: via *143# or SMS.

Converting Smart load to Gcash

Like Globe credit, with a minimum level of P2, you may convert your smart load into a cash balance by “selling.” It is known as past load.

How To Load Your GCash Wallet

Now is the time to learn how to put your GCash wallet with money. The most convenient method to get a load is to use the app. Either using the app or over-the-country transfers, you may transfer money from your bank account. You may charge your GCash wallet by sending money as well.
Mobile wallets such as GCash are a convenience for payment, sending money, or purchasing things on your smartphone just. Although it is easy to utilize GCash for cashless purchases and transactions via your phone, several Filipinos still have the problem of depositing money into their mobile wallet. So how do you load your cash into your GCash wallet?

How To Add Your Card To GCash

Open the GCash app and hit the hamburger symbol in the upper right corner to link your Visa or MasterCard with GCash. There will be a sliding menu. Choose “My Accounts Linked.”

  • Select My Bank Cards. Select My Bank Cards.
  • To proceed, tap “ADD CARD.”
  • Enter data of your card: name of cardholder, 16-digit number of the card, date of expiration, and CVV.
  • Enter “ADD CARD” and ensure that your information is correct.
  • After your card is successfully added to GCash, you will receive a text message. No charges apply when you add your GCash card.

How To Load GCash Using Your Card

It t’s time to execute a cash-in transaction now that your bank card is connected to GCash. 

  • Tap “Cash In” on the GCash app home screen.
  • Select “Bank Card” or “MasterCard/Visa Bank” from the list of cash-in choices.
  • Enter the cash amount. Choose the one you wish to take the money from if you have numerous cards. Tap “BEACH.” Tap.
  • Type “CONFIRM” and check your cash-in data.

Wait for your successful cash-in transaction to confirm the SMS message. Check your GCash balance to verify whether your account already reflects it.

How To Link UnionBank And GCash

You must first connect both accounts to be able to transfer money from UnionBank to GCash.
Tap the hamburger symbol in the upper left-hand corner of the GCash app and you’ll see a sliding menu. Choose “My Accounts Linked.”

  • Choose “UnionBank” from the list of connected accounts.
  • Enter your UnionBank internet bank account username And password and then click on “LOG IN.”
  • You are asked if it is produced through the Home and life app or received via SMS, to enter a single password (OTP). Tap “BEACH.” Tap.
  • Choose the account you wish to link to the UnionBank and press “AUTHORIZE.”
  • If the link is successful, you will receive an SMS from GCash.

PayPal To GCash

Specifically among Filipino freelancers, PayPal is the world’s most popular online paid
service. You may only receive money using an email address. You will discover how to register with PayPal, validate your account, connect your bank accounts, and much more in this article.
We have created a guide on how you may transfer money to your GCash wallet from your PayPal account.

Convert Your Prepaid Load To GCash Now!

You may also use the GCash App to change your booked load to GCash. Download the app from Google Play, iTunes, Blackberry, or the Windows Store.

Step 1: Log into your account with GCash.

Schritt 2: Choose the Cash-in Registration tab.

Step 3: Choose GCash Prepaid Load.

Step 4: Choose how much you would want to pay.

Step 5: Set the sum aside.

Step 6: Wait for a message.

How To Convert Regular Load To GCash:

GCash is now extremely convenient since you may use GCash to pay bills, transfer money, book movies, and many more. GCash is really convenient. Without leaving your house, you can accomplish all these things.

So how can you transform your load online to GCash? I will explain to you in this video how to use your normal load for conversion into GCash Cash using your Smart TNT SUN Globe TM. They enable you to convert your ordinary load to GCash cash with charges through The Tutorials on Facebook service. Go to Da Tutorial and contact it, so that your regular charge will be sent to the cash register.


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